The beret

An emblem of the Pyrenees

For many, the beret is the famous Pyrenean cap that has become, in spite of itself, associated with the baguette, a symbol of France throughout the world…

If the origins of the beret are a bit controversial, we know well in the country of the Constanti family, on the side of Lanne en Barétous in Béarn, what it is really.

But at Maison Constanti, the beret is much more than that…

A century-old house nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, the Constanti family imagined the beret, a chocolate sweet, a tribute to the Pyrenean territories and to the French art of living.

A shape that invites tasting

The beret is a hat with very singular lines, with its cabillou, this piece of wool on top without which the beret would be a simple headgear.

It is this form that Nathalie and Jean Luc CONSTANTI wanted to reinvent.

A renowned Master Baker, and his wife, manager and artist… That’s all it took to trigger this creative madness.

While Jean Luc was working on inventing chocolate recipes, Nathalie was sculpting a shape that would become a mold some time later.

Timeless, this famous headgear is now honored in gourmet, in respect of its original form, from its curves to its cabillou.

Thus was born the Béret de Constanti...

A praline chocolate bonbon made from our corn bread lightly spiced with Espelette pepper, coated with dark or milk chocolate, specially designed in our small workshop in Lanne en Barétous, a small village in the Béarn.

Corn, chili and chocolate. Here are the Béarn, the Basque Country and the Pyrenees united in a sweet chocolate.

It’s an obvious choice for a company that is almost a century old, born in Lanne en Barétous, in a Pyrenean valley nestled between Oloron-Sainte-Marie, capital of the Haut-Béarn region, and Mauléon-Licharre, capital of the Basque province of Soule.

We are proud to present the Constanti Beret, a tribute from our House to our Pyrenean territories.

To each his own beret

The beret is not only worn on the head but also in the mouth.

For all the gourmands to enjoy, find several variations: the original pralines, the ephemeral collections of ganache berets with their elegantly customized shells …

To be discovered in our stores and on this site.