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Our collection

Our collection pays tribute to France and its magical places: Paris, Biarritz, Arcachon and of course Oloron Sainte-Marie, home of the traditional beret.

14 different berets in their own majestic setting, to be tasted, offered or served with tea or coffee.


Melt-in-your-mouth but crunchy, this milk chocolate is the result of a combination of Grands Crus cocoa beans and our natural corn bread.


Take a bite out of the Ossau valley with this dark chocolate beret made with 2 cacaos Grands Crus and our spiced corn bread.

Notre Dame

This beret is irresistible thanks to the delicious combination of Chocolate and Passion Fruit.


This beret is a biscuity chocolate, enhanced by the aromatic strength of coffee and the power of lightly wooded Grand Cru cocoa.


Inspired by the “Paris-Brest” dessert, this chocolate is the result of a marriage between caramelized almond slivers and a Grand Cru cocoa with woody notes.

Sacré Coeur

This chocolate is a delicate, flowery bouquet thanks to the blossoming of sweet roses combined with the freshness of raspberry.


Inside this biscuity beret lies the subtle combination of almonds and chocolate that characterizes the taste of Basque cake.


Delicately sweet, pistachio combined with fruity Grand Cru cocoa is elegant and atypical.


This beret combines the warmth of Espelette pepper and the mellowness of Itxassou cherries with fruity Grand Cru chocolate.


An authentic, crisp chocolate thanks to a selection of Grands Crus cocoas, a hint of hazelnut andcaramelized chocolate chips.


In this chocolate, black sesame and lemon make an unexpected pairing.

Bird Island

This aged rum with notes of vanilla forms a powerful, bold pairing with Grand Cru cocoa, revealed by the flavor of pine nuts.


This beret is made from Grands Crus cocoa with notes of salted caramel andpeanut chips.


The combination of fruity cocoa and caramelized pecan.

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